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 Session 6: Closing In

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PostSubject: Session 6: Closing In   Mon Dec 06, 2010 8:59 pm

The location of the princess has been discerned. The Il'Cahlir were following a group that may have had her, though it turned out to be a trap and they, in turn, were ambushed by allies of their targets. Bel'div managed to escape and make contact informing us of the situation, however she stated that there may be another possibility. Another target had been traveling eastward, close to her current location. They are harmless though often times transport prisoners and such for the rivvin. They were perhaps two days journey from her location. She would reestablish contact if she were to intercep them.

She met up with a small group travelers next to a path running east/south-east leading around Chuth V'nal and towards the Mith Berkigg. She watched them during the night and waited until the morning to take up shelter during the day, knowing that she would be able to catch up with them easily the following night. Indeed she found them again, predictably next to the path they had been traveling against earlier. Apparently they have no specific direction they are traveling. Once they laid to rest, she made her approach.

"Usstan inbal raq'tus. Karadi orn zexen'uma pahntar iz'verve izil tha'tsit."

From all accounts, it appears that the Il'Cahlir attempted to take the princess from her captor, however was interupted during the process. A struggle inssued and from the sounds of it, she was outnumbered and overpowered in her weakened state (still suffering from her injuries three days ago and not being able to rest the previous two nights). However, it seemed as though two of their allies were injured in the skirmish and suffering the affects of the poison.

Attempts to discern what the issue was were followed by random and absurd creations on how to reverse the affects (actually pouring more poison onto the victim at one point). A child in the group seemed to be coming up with the majority of the ideas, which may be been the main issue. After a significant period of time and repeated failures the child threw a tantrum and gave up. Eventually the effects of the poison wore off and they awoke. Rather than resting through the night, apparently they decided to spend the rest of the night traveling along the path.

K'lar karoth mie'qis hirhus lu'kirstan tlu izle d'kara ulnin...So long as the Orbeen Jess does not reach them first.
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Session 6: Closing In
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