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 Session 3: Days Gone By

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PostSubject: Session 3: Days Gone By   Sun Nov 07, 2010 11:48 pm

Intercepted by a caravan and translated

The final survivors of the group gathered almost a full cycle ago are beginning the preparation for the final battle; the Tir'Hsk. There are enough slaves to gather a few groups; one of agile elves from varying bloodlines, strong warriors of scales and grey, and a mottled combination who have proved surprisingly entertaining. The group who draws the longest chip will be allowed to warm themselves on the bated creatures, while the others will have to wait in their cells until the next round. The elves were given the right to sharpen their teeth on the mutts.

Or at least we thought. Karagoth was very impressed with Lo'Kosh and felt that she would make an excellent warrior, if only for her not being a human. The elves were swift in their strikes and varied their attacks from ranged and hand-to-hand combats, while swarming their adversaries and separating them with incredible tactics. They were able to take out the group one by one; first the man hume, then the bate. After that the two women were able to defeat two of the elves before the elf-woman finally fell. This left two of the elves alone with Lo'Kosh, supposedly an easy finish for them.

She was able to catch one of the elves off guard, just as he had used his weapon to keep distance from the elf-woman. Lo'Kosh took down this one with fair ease, leaving it to be a one-on-one battle. Blows were traded and both bloodied each other to near breaking until finally the hume was able to take down the elf with a gruesome blow of the sword. Even with the guards flooded within the arena, Lo'Kosh still struck one last blow to make sure that her enemy would never rise again. Her only mistake was challenging Karagoth himself (one broken nose later and some sleep would solve that small discipline problem, I am sure). They were taken back to their cells for the rest until the final sacrifices.

They were met by the magi and given the final pieces to ensure that the final battle would be the greatest of their lives, and ensure a show worthy of Karagoth hiimself.
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Session 3: Days Gone By
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