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 Session 3: From the Darkness

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PostSubject: Session 3: From the Darkness   Fri Jun 11, 2010 8:34 pm

Day turned to night as the stars became hidden by the thick clouds in the sky. The crew made their way into the bunks, while the passengers sought the comfort of their beds below deck. Meanwhile, Dagur sat up in his perch keeping an eye for danger. I stayed on the maindeck watching the clouds pass overhead until I fell asleep. I was woken by the clanking of metal against the ship, though originally took it for strong gusts of wind blowing the rigging against the mast, however soon I heard the captain yelling for all hands to deck as another ship cracked into the side of the Queen. Standing up, I saw the black sails of the Sable Drake and their demon crew clammering aboard!

Everything moved in a blur as I ran to the cabin (ashamedly tripping on the grates) and then stepping on nails that the Drake's crew had thrown all over the deck. While the Captain and the monk-lady fought topside, I ran below to gather the weapons that I had stored in the forestorage. As I was running up, the mage was making her way (fairly angrily) up the stairs, most likely to see who had disturbed her beauty rest.

Unfortunately, I ended up missing most of the action, however I did come up with enough time to see the mage's hired hand falling backwards down the stairs in a clump of sharded wood while the monk sat resting underdeck. I ran up and saw that the fight was nearly over, and the mage was whispering a cantrip as an enormous dagger of ice appeared above the Sable Drake. It dropped nearly straight through, most likely only being stopped by the keel. The crew that had scammered back in retreat were now struggling just to stay on their feet, while some (including a giant beast of a man) had managed to make it back onto the Queen, only to be met by our crew.
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Session 3: From the Darkness
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