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 Session 2: Another Beginning

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PostSubject: Session 2: Another Beginning   Sun Oct 03, 2010 10:43 am

Intercepted by a caravan and translated

The second day has proven quite interesting, as the team battles have caused some interesting alliances and enemies. Quite a few of the creatures are not used to fighting alongside others of different races, though some are taking to it quite nicely. The orcs and draconians should be an interesting mix, while I feel that we may need multiple teams of elves simply because of the number that continued. Some of the creatures, such as the trogg and goblins and the catfolk, do not appear to have a want for teamwork.

Lo'Gar was placed in the circle with one of the elves, the orc, and one of the draconians. She motivated the elf into watching her back while she then ran head on towards the orc. She did not disappoint the crowd again as only a few blows were needed to slay him. The people were left wanting, though were pleased with the outcome. Meanwhile, the elf did a good job of distracting the drac until she was able to make her way over. The trade of blows was very entertaining as they shuffled across the arena until the the elf was finally able to swing behind him and land the final blow. She put up quite a struggle when being detained; we may want to keep an eye out for her, as the restlessness seems to have settled into her more quickly than normal. Overall, the show was welcomed, especially given the disgrace that came before...

Unfortunately, Bate was placed with a human, who was more trusting than he should have been, while the trogg ended up being a miscalculated addition (the rest have already been discarded). The human stood to the gnoll and they managed to put on a decent enough show, despite the human prevailing. Meanwhile, the bate stood by and watched for portions of the battle. Eventually the trogg joined back into the fight, however there was quite a bit of tussling and rolling on the ground. It was more a spectacle of embarassement than skill as it left the crowd wanting more than a comedy show.

Overall, there have been ups and down with the attractions, however I do feel that the next show shall give the people just what they are looking for. The elves have yet to sleep on their own, which is beginning to pose a problem. We are not quite sure what interaction it will have, but we shall see soon enough. Also, Moktar is requesting an earlier battle to quench his lust and will await your response.
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Session 2: Another Beginning
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