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 Session 1: New Beginning

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PostSubject: Session 1: New Beginning   Sun Oct 03, 2010 10:20 am

Letter intercepted from a caravan and translated

We have completed the first day of the festival, and so far we are seeing some skilled fighters. There are quite a few elves that have proved agile with the sword and the crowd seems to enjoy their dancing style. The orc and trogg are given some trouble, however we feel that the draconian will prove a good motivator for them. A few of the humans did not even make it through the night, though the rest seem to be well prepared.

In an interesting turn, there are a handful of creatures that have proven themselves quite nicely in the circle. A girl human showed the rage of Vaprak and the people followed her throughout. Whether she meant to or whether it was her natural instinct, she played to the crowd and they loved her for it (she even severed a boar's tail and fought with it clenched in her teeth). The girl shows now fear of blood and seems to enjoy the sport that death provides. She even attempted to take a souvenir with her, though we are taking every precaution...

There were a few other more interesting battles that took place. Other than the trogg that managed to climb the wall and nearly escaped from Mortog captured him at the gate, there was a human who actually attempted to befriend a beast! The fool appeared lucky as he managed to outmaneuver the creature and barely survived. I do wonder if he will attempt to break bread with his next contender.

A small elf-girl managed to escape with her ears still in tact as she tried to stand toe-to-toe with a wolf (side: we need to start feeding the creatures better if we are to lower the number of contenders who pass through). She used more brute force than anything else and landed quite a few deft blows that managed to drop the cur before passing out from the blood loss. She showed spirit, though she lacks the wit shown by her cousins. We shall see what a battle between the two shall come to.

In an interesting twist, the bate chunk proved to cause more blood than he spread himself. To the surprise of the crowd and myself, he was able to wield the sword quite well, despite it being nearly his own size. At one point it was unsure who was stalking who, for the bate seemed to be watching the cat just as closely. However, the crowd did enjoy the show that the creature put on as he attempted to ride the cat and tussle with it. Also, apparently his natural abilities are not shielded though they made things much more interesting for the people. Eventually, he was able to finish the beast off.

We will give you a report once the next day of festivities ends.
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Session 1: New Beginning
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