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 Week 5: The return of the Twins

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Week 5: The return of the Twins Empty
PostSubject: Week 5: The return of the Twins   Week 5: The return of the Twins EmptySun Nov 13, 2011 8:03 pm

General T’Roliin,
I heard movement during the night but from my position on the roof, I could not see exactly what transpired. The robot was keeping watch outside so I did not want to chance my cover being blown by trying to see through the windows. The quicker of the two rock females went for a stroll outside shortly after, so I am assuming that she was making the sounds inside. She approached the blights, waking one up, but quickly rubbed its head and got it back to sleep. Afterwards, she went back inside and I did not see or hear anything else the rest of the night.

In the morning, the same female decided that they were not getting a good enough deal, and bartered with Gnorp some more. She believed that since they were getting rid of the grens forever, that they should get to keep one of the blights after being delivered to the other side. To my surprise, Gnorp agreed and said that if they brought back proof that the grens and the snake were dead, than she could keep one of the blights. After this change to the bargain, the group was directed towards the canyon wall where there was a path leading down. They were informed that there would be a small forested plateau partway down where they would find the grens. They were also told not to go all the way down into the canyon due to greater dangers living in the forest on the canyon floor. If this is true, and if the twins did survive the fall, then they may be in even more danger than before. Nevertheless, I will continue to monitor the group and the twins’ fate will continue to be a mystery.

After a few hours of traveling, the group found a plateau that contained quite a few trees and a shadowed overhang in the back corner. Most of the group seemed to think this was the right place, but the robot had other ideas and simply walked across towards the opposite side where the path continued down. The clothed rock lady decided that something dangerous might be under the overhang, and since she couldn’t see into the shadows, decided that it was better to attack first and ask questions later. She walked up to it and sent a wave of energy into it. The sounds that came out seemed like three bodies were slammed against the back wall. What also came out was a green glob of poisonous spit from the 30 ft long snake that she couldn’t see. After being hit with the spit, she charged into the shadows and discovered that not only had she hit the snake, but also a tied up Max and Parker. It would seem that they did survive the fall, though I have no idea how that can be, or how they arrived tied up under that overhang. Seeing what was going on the rest of the group, including the robot, entered into the fight. The snake was not alone however and a number of gren appeared from out of the vegetation that covered the plateau. Once the rock lady was close enough, she tried to make up for slamming them into a wall by untying the twins. The gren had fun using their natural camouflage and confusing the group. Once the snake was down though, the gren took some shots and their bright red blood made it tougher for them to blend in to their environment. Once this happened, the band of heroes made short work of the remaining enemies. The twins found a new toy upon searching the body of one of the gren and walked away with a new bow and a quiver full of arrows. When the clothed rock lady also took a bow and a quiver of arrows, the twins seemed to think that they needed two bows, and that they deserved to repay her for slamming them into a wall. The rest of the group simply stood by and watched while the twins crushed the rock lady into the ground and took all her arrows. Once she woke up, the clothed rock lady used her knowledge of the upcoming blight ride to convince the twins that they would not be able to ride unless she got her arrows back. They were more than willing to trade arrows for the chance to ride a giant invisible flying worm. The group is now heading back up to Gnorp’s with the heads of a couple gren as proof of what they did. I’ll send more information once they arrive back there and get over the canyon.

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Week 5: The return of the Twins
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