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 Week 4: Guideless

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PostSubject: Week 4: Guideless   Week 4: Guideless EmptySun Nov 13, 2011 5:54 pm

General T’Roliin,
You were right to send me after them. What you feared would happen, has indeed happened. Whipthorn is dead. They were almost out of the forest when he was caught off guard by a parn. I have seen whole units of battle-hardened soldiers wiped by these giant bugs so it was no surprise that one scout was killed so quickly by one. One sword antennae caught him in the leg, but the other punctured his chest. Now that he was not a threat, the parn tossed him aside to deal with the rest of the threat, namely the rest of the party. It was a fierce battle, but in the end your group of heroes won out, it appears that once again you have proven why you lead. The fast female rock creature searched Whipthorn’s body after the battle and found the ceremonial dagger he received from you last year. I do not know why he would have carried a dagger that was useless for combat into such a hostile area but I did not understand most of what he did. She also found a metahuman seed inside of him. It looks like we may have a new scout to replace our old eventually. He said something to the male felinoid, but I could not make it out, it was too fast. The felinoid must have understood though because he told the rest of the group that they must continue to head south towards the Great Red Bridge. I scouted out the area ahead of them and do not think they will make it that way. The bridge is now Blaash territory and they’ve recruited Obb’s to make matters worse. I am unsure how they will cross the canyon without assistance, but I will continue to follow your orders and not interfere or allow my presence to be known unless you authorize.

After learning as much as I could, I headed back to keep an eye on the group. They were out of the forest, heading south across the plains towards the ancient highway when I caught up to them. They arrived at the highway and headed east towards the bridge, as apparently Whipthorn informed them they should. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they used the ancient vehicles as cover as they traveled east. Once the bridge came within sight, the rest of the group stopped to rest while the twins and the robot moved ahead to get a better look. For some reason the twins crawled on their stomachs while the robot simply walked next to them. When they got within 100 feet of the bridge, the blaashes finally decided they were a threat and started launching radioactive beams into the ground in front of them. The twins started backing up instantly; the robot held his ground for a short period and then backed away as well. The robot headed back to the group to discuss what their next move should be. The twins had another idea and, instead of regrouping, decided to head southeast towards the canyon, keeping far enough away from the bridge so the blaashes wouldn’t view them as a threat. This seemed to be a good plan, until they got to the edge and jumped off. I am not aware of them being able to fly so I do not know how they could have survived. I will check on the body at a later time. For now I feel that it is more important to stay with the rest of the group. After a few moments of discussion, the group has decided to head north along the canyon wall in the hopes of finding another way across.

It would appear that Gnorp is still in business and, from what I can see, his blights are healthy and thriving. It would also appear that he has changed his business to take advantage of the blaashes taking over the bridge. He no longer gives sightseeing tours of the canyon, he now uses his blights as transportation across the canyon. After some failed bartering attempts, the group didn’t know how useless that dagger was. They then tried to use Whipthorn’s seed as payment, but apparently without even knowing what it was. Gnorp did know what it was, and wanted it about as much as the ceremonial dagger. After thinking for a moment, Gnorp spoke to them of a group of gren that were stationed nearby and shooting at his blights and customers. If the group could take care of the grens and the snake, then he would lend them enough blights to get their entire group over the canyon. The rock lady brought up the need for two extra blights for the twins, so maybe she knows something I don’t and they are still alive. They agreed to deal with the grens and the snake but were convinced to stay the night and head out in the morning as it was getting close to dark. I will send word when I know more.

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Week 4: Guideless
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