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 Week 7 - The ambush at McNad's

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Week 7 - The ambush at McNad's Empty
PostSubject: Week 7 - The ambush at McNad's   Week 7 - The ambush at McNad's EmptySat Jan 07, 2012 7:08 pm

General T’Roliin,
Good news General. They made it to McNad’s and got the code. That being said, I will backtrack slightly to bring you fully up to speed. After taking out the grens, the blights flew at all speed to the opposite side of the canyon and as far from the blaashes as possible. I managed to take a more direct path and overtook them as they flew directly at the cliff and then straight up so I had a good view when the blaashes finally got over the force field and the fighting commenced. As expected the blights unceremoniously dumped their riders on the ground and flew off with all speed. All except one, the naked rock lady’s. She has somehow managed to befriend it and walked away from the fighting with it in tow. Of course, she walked away from the fighting before it actually ended, but she seemed to be following the example of the felinoid who fled due east as soon as his feet hit solid ground. The clothed rock lady stood her ground, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know how to retreat as this would have been a good time for it. As such, she was knocked out by a blast from a blaash early on in the fight. Although the group had two members not fighting and a third lying half dead on the ground, the android and the one twin that is left (I’m not sure what happened to the other, he was there one moment, and gone the next) were able to defeat the blaashes. I will note that after the clothed rock lady went down, the naked rock lady rejoined the fight. After the battle, the twin did something to the near death rock lady to bring her back around and after a brief rest, they headed southeast with the felinoid leading.

After heading southeast for a time, they came back to the highway and turned east to travel along the road. They travelled along the highway for almost an hour before the android and felinoid conferred on what exactly Whipthorn said they should do and decided that they needed to head back towards the bridge. They turned around headed back west along the highway and, a little over an hour and a half later, they were as close to the bridge as they dared to go without angering the blaashes. They then scanned the horizon to the southeast and saw the giant yellow “M” that signals McNad’s place.

They were rather excited to finally see their destination and headed there immediately. They seemed to have learned something along the way though and used caution upon entering the surrounding parking lot. The felinoid jumped on to the fence surrounding the pit of plastic balls and giant plastic tubes and, from there, onto the roof. The others made their way towards the glass doors and the clown statue sitting on a bench near the doors. The twin unlocked the door by bending the frame using his gravity powers and him and the naked rock lady made their way inside. Apparently she didn’t find anything to her liking and headed back outside. At this point in time, the twin was inside the building, the naked rock lady was away from the group by the bushes growing next to the building, and the felinoid was on the roof, which left just the clothed rock lady and the android standing near the clown statue. McNad apparently felt that they were spread out enough and the ambush was sprung.

The swarm that was spread out on the ground reformed into a humanoid shape behind the clothed rock lady. The bush near the naked rock lady and her pet blight grew taller and immobilized them with some vines. A black furred felinoid came over the peak of the roof to keep tabs on the felinoid from the group. The pile of fur that had drawn the attention of the twin inside the building stood up to its full 7 feet. The giant humanoid cockroach behind the counter inside also made its presence known to the twin. And to finish the ambush, the clown statue suddenly stood up, picked up the bench it had been sitting on and hit the android directly in the face with it. The android was caught off guard and was knocked down. The ambush was executed perfectly, as we’ve come to expect from McNad, and the group was at the mercy of our ally. Through a series of questions McNad determined that the group was indeed sent by you and that Whipthorn was dead, but was not killed by the group. After this, McNad was willing to finally give them the code. The group proceeds with their mission. I am happy to report that, against my earlier estimates, this group may indeed make it in time.

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Week 7 - The ambush at McNad's
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