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 Week 3: Don't camp near water

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Week 3: Don't camp near water Empty
PostSubject: Week 3: Don't camp near water   Week 3: Don't camp near water EmptySun Nov 13, 2011 3:58 pm

I should have known better than to camp near water but I was too aggravated with everyone to be thinking straight last night. Thankfully the robot doesn’t sleep and heard the soul beshes coming, those stupid mosquitoes would have sucked us dry before we even woke up, well not me since I don’t have the blood type that they like, namely red, like the twins do so I guess it wouldn’t have been all bad. Luckily there was a tall tree nearby that I could climb and get a good view of the whole area and warn the rest of the group if anything else was coming. Of course, once again, they didn’t see it that way and Max decided it would be a better idea to yell up at me and try to shake the tree then to kill the soul beshes that were trying to kill me, which made my job a lot harder than it should have been. The rest of the party had their priorities straight so the fight didn’t last all that long. I like the naked rock lady’s style; she dropped a huge rock on to one of the bugs and squashed it good. Course if they had asked me, I would have told them that soul beshes have a leader in every hunting group that always carries a scent pouch that most of the killer plants in this forest hate the smell of, so they can travel through the forest without worrying about the things that they don’t like to eat, and that the rock lady just crushed it, but they didn’t ask me, and they think I always hide from a fight, so screw them.

Oh I almost forgot! An amazing thing happened today, one of the twins got attacked by a yexil! Well I should say that their clothing got attacked by a yexil, you know how those flying lion… insect things love the taste of fabric. Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself in my excitement, best to start from the beginning and work my way forward from there. After the fight with the soul beshes, everyone managed to get back to sleep and grab a few more hours of shut-eye, well except the robot but he doesn’t sleep. I was up before the rest so I decided to take a look around; I didn’t see much so I headed back to camp. Everyone else was awake by the time I got back, and though they will deny it, I could tell they missed me and were worried about my safety. After a cold breakfast, we continued heading south, and as always, the twins caused endless amounts of problems for us, this time hitting a tripwire that activated one of the defenses set-up in this part of the forest. After an ear piercing alarm went off, eight doors opened in the ground and a shieldbot rose up out of each. The bots were pretty old and almost falling apart already, so they were quickly destroyed without all that much effort. That much noise never goes unnoticed in this forest though and as much as I tried to warn them, Max got grabbed by a yexil and it and its mate carried him a short distance and then started feasting on his clothes. The others, especially Parker, jumped to his defense and after a very difficult battle, managed to defeat both Yexils. It turns out that Max was barely even scratched; he wears so much clothing that the claws and fangs of the Yexils never made it through to skin, and I was so hoping to sew him back up as “gently” as possible. But we’re moving on now, I’ll write the next chance I get.
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Week 3: Don't camp near water
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