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 Session 1: the Beginning

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PostSubject: Session 1: the Beginning   Wed Oct 14, 2009 9:06 pm

The party left Keldaerin and made their way east, following the canal leading to the Great River and the military outpost called Hollins. After hours of travel they came to a giant wood gate inlaid with iron, supported by a giant wood wall that stretched to the rivers in either direction. They were given entrance at the mention of the Riddari family and were met by General Richard Goodwind, who gave them shelter and food, along with information brought back by scouts just a few days before their arrival.

General Goodwind told the prince that his scouts had seen a few groups of goblins making their way from the woods, south along the Great River. They rested in the town for the night and next morning they made their way across the canal, north along the river to the only bridge that survived the Drow attacks.

While making their way north they came across a small gathering of goblins beginning to set up camp. They decided that they would catch the group off guard and attack. The Druid managed to take out nearly half of the group with her lightning storms while the Wizard set the rest ablaze. The Drow managed to make herself sparse while the Cleric and Paladin would make their way to an enemy just in time to see him die.

However, as only a couple of the goblins were standing the noise drew a gathering of hobgoblins from the other side of a hill...
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Session 1: the Beginning
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