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 Humanity Shrouded from Darkness

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PostSubject: Humanity Shrouded from Darkness   Fri Oct 21, 2011 1:39 am

Now that the plans had been layed out to build up Amberstone into the torch of all races, they needed to begin designing a way for those wandering souls to reach their goal and have a safe and comfortable place for them to rest their feet. As a team, Captain Nan Letoshek and the leader of the Kharzak clan, Cormyn Kharzak, tasked themselves with creating a cohesive unit that would at the same time give protection to the area in and around Amberstone while also providing the day-to-day needs and comforts of the people living underneath their protection. Thus far one goal had been easier to attain than the other.

Cormyn and the counsel had found that the people within the camps had an easy enough time forgetting about the massacres several generations removed by this point, and left behind the darkness that had been cast over the lands now called Vlos'Eairthil. Unfortunately, the outside world had not forgotten about them. Every race in the lands knew the huntings of the humans and elves by the Drow could be a profitable business and took advantage of it when they could. The people were in constant danger while traveling in the open areas, and even more gathered in mass where they were easy pickings for the hobgoblins, ogres, and orcs who had set up agreements with the Drow and each other. It was the work of the Captain that allowed the people within Amberstone to forget the troubles of outside.

Her strategic selection of the building for Amberstone allowed them to hide within the mountainside while still giving room for expansion. The cliffs, valleys, and small pathways allowed a rather small group of scouts and watchmen to guarantee that they would have advanced warning if enemies were to wander close to the settlements. Also, these natural impedements made travel from the north impossible, from the west too troublesome and from the east a mass of rivers, swamps, and tributaries. It wasn't the worry of outsiders invading their new home however, it was the threat that the local inhabitants provided that Letoshek needed assistance with.

This help came in the form of a laymen forces that would provide huge numbers of people to patrol the camps and lands just outside. The military would take any and all people who volunteed for service, put a weapon in their hand and send them out into the field in order to help the people of Amberstone with all the problems that were too bothersome for the trained militia to handle. Her hopes were that these untrained masses could eventually replace the soldiers that abandoned their posts once the Underdark was at their backs. At the same time, she was betting that the survivors of the wars outside would be soldiers and fighters who would take up the cause in league with the Rebellion and finally be able to push their way outside of Amberstone and retake their lands from the darkness once more.
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Humanity Shrouded from Darkness
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