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 Gathering of an Army

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PostSubject: Gathering of an Army   Gathering of an Army EmptyWed Mar 21, 2012 6:17 pm

For a hundred years, the humans of the east have lived in segregated farming settlements and mercanary strongholds with nothing but their need to fend off the savage races binding them. They had no plans to unite their people – Survival was their only viable dream. Things began to change once they realized that an unsteady order had fallen back into place in the lands. Roads of communication opened between settlements and people began to travel once more. With the gnomes and halflings traveling from the south, the humans found themselves once more gaining a foothold in the world, after being hunted like game by the drow and other savage clans. Though they were not yet a nation. Still a divided people struggling and surviving in small groups, unable to trust any but those immediately around them.

However, now a new development has caused the people to rally and finally unify their forces. Years ago, rumours came from the grey fields that the divided clans of the savage races had begun to form truces, one small group at a time. These gangs were managable since most of these races themselves had suffered great loses during the War of Many. None of them were at their same power as they were centuries ago. Thus far, the outlying villages had managed to fend off any attackers and even carved out territorial boarders running along the deserts and towards the grey fields.

Only months ago, a new and much greater danger arose. This evil showed its numbers when they began to raid camps in the south edge, quickly ravaging the people as they marched their army north towards the edge of the Vale. Rumors began to spread of a shadow stretching for as far as the eye could see, dotted with the eyes of demons. Notice went out throughout the lands that it was time for man to rise up once more and defend this world. Now it is the responsability of these fighters, warriors, and brave commonfolk to search out and chase down the evils destroying their hopes of eventually taking back their home from the savages and of building a great nation once again.
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Gathering of an Army
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