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 Assassin Needles

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PostSubject: Assassin Needles   Assassin Needles EmptyTue Nov 01, 2011 11:39 pm

Thought to have originally been developed by doctors attempting to relieve the stresses of the body and assist in the flow of energies throughout the body, these small hollow needles can be made of either reed, bone, or in rare cases metal. The hollow within the needle is perfect for saturating it with a poison or any liquid narcotic. Sold in sets of 5 and contained in small cases, the pouch is so easily concealable that they provide a +10 bonus against Search DC when concealed.

While these needles are so light that they are incapable of being used as a ranged weapon, a trained killer may make a melee touch attack against a target who is not considering them a threat. A person who makes a successful Sleight of Hand check may attack his unaware target, managing to inflict them without ever being discovered. Players may include their knowledge of anatomy or physiology as a bonus to their Sleight of Hand when they make this attack.

A needle used on an unsuccessful attack or during combat is so fragile that it will immediately break and become unusable.

Cost 20 gold
Weight -
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Assassin Needles
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