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PostSubject: Parker & Max   Parker & Max EmptyMon Oct 03, 2011 11:52 am

Neither of them can remember what life was like without each other, nor with anyone else. As far as they know, it's been just the two of them for years now; the only semblance of a past is the ragged teddy bear that Parker refuses to let go of. They spend the majority of their time traveling from town to town, scrounging for scraps of food while occationally being given meals and shelter by those kind enough to actually trust these two. However, more than likely in the morning the brothers are gone, along with any valuables that Max has managed to stuff in his pack in the fleeting moments before their escape. They keep what food, water, and warm clothing they need and trade the rest for whatever they're lacking at the time.

They've done this for only the gods know how long. At this point, the boys aren't even aware of how old they are: Possibly ten or eleven, maybe eight or even twelve. In this day and age, who knows how much time is passing and who has time to keep track of birthdays or anniversaries or holidays? All the brothers know is that they're alive for now and surviving the best they know how.

Around strangers, Parker is more than likely to simply curl up and cry quietly to Teddy, while Max stands guard and makes sure that none of the weirdos try to steal their stuff. Max is very protective of his brother and will fight anything that comes after them, often times sacrificing himself for the safety of Parker; sometimes to the point of pushing his brother out of harms way and throwing himself into it. Their special abilities ensure that at least one of them is around at a time, though the situation at hand oftentimes decides exactly which brother is in control and which is sitting on the sidelines waiting until the coast is clear. Even when sharing the same space though, they are always in constant communication with each other.
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