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 Session 8: Scouting Party

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Session 8:  Scouting Party Empty
PostSubject: Session 8: Scouting Party   Session 8:  Scouting Party EmptyTue Aug 23, 2011 8:13 pm

From the report documents of Captain Letoshek:

11th day of Leaffall

I have received a disturbing present which the guards have told me was brought to Amberstone by an unmanned horse. Held within three burlap bags were the heads of the scouting party (Autakalina Bromhaven, Cailin Hammerfoot, and Fenris the druid) sent several days ago to investigate the ransacking of caravans and possible kidnapping of traders along the north road. I have sent a search party of soldiers to the north in order to attempt to discover the location of the appalling creatures who committed this act. Luckily, with the recent inclement weather, the horse's path should be easy to track.

18th day of Leaffall

The advanced party has returned with valuable information: They were able to follow the horse tracks along a three-day travel, along which they found the bodies of several vagabonds (and judging from the wounds, had run into the scouting party of militia), finally leading them to a small campground where the bandits had set up their launch point for the attacks. After officer Ginbin and his soldiers scouted the grounds, they were able to overtake the small group and capture their leader. The belongings of our original party were located within the stash of the bandits; unfortunately, the bodies of the three were unable to be located (it is quite possible that they were either buried within the woods, or more likely disposed of by wild animals). Through their sacrifice, we were able to locate the bandits and continue our investigation into the group behind the majority of the maleficent deeds within and around Amberstone. May their souls be at rest.
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Session 8: Scouting Party
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