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 Blood Moss

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PostSubject: Blood Moss   Blood Moss EmptyTue Jun 21, 2011 10:29 pm

Blood moss, a common plant that grows in deep forests, and is noted for its red fibers and sharp smell. It grows on rocks, and is especially common on granite. Rangers and tribal classes should have no trouble locating this plant, but it is virtually unknown outside of the back country. It grows very poorly outside of its natural forests.

This plant is often used, in its natural state, to staunch open wounds. It produces a weak alcohol, which seems to act to clean the wound, and its thick fibers act like linen bandages. Once wet, it adheres fairly well to flesh, staying attached through mild exertion. It is useless for this purpose unless fresh (0-6 hours). If the bandages are kept fresh, it adds the players Healing skill to the recovery rate of a resting character (This is true for bandages in general.). 8 hours of rest is necessary to feel the actual effects.

Blood moss, when applied to a wound, is still alive, and can, if left on the wound, continue to grow. This means that Blood Moss bandages must be replaced every two to three hours, to prevent the moss from becoming entwined with the body. If it grows into a wound, it will damage the subject by one hit point for every hour it was left on, capping at five damage, because after five hours the moss dies, and removing the moss will worsen the wound.

Blood moss is used, in a burnt form, as a stomach settler, and instantly settles non-magical nausea. It also adds +1 on saving throws against ingested poisons. Blood moss is also flammable, and occasionally is used as fire starters, although it lacks sufficient mass to be used for anything more than kindling.
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Blood Moss
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