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 Barrel of Monkeys

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Barrel of Monkeys Empty
PostSubject: Barrel of Monkeys   Barrel of Monkeys EmptyFri May 27, 2011 2:48 pm

The exterior of this small barrel is embellished with carved images of monkeys in various poses, with a ring of polished brass around the centre and one at each end of the barrel. The lid has a single carved grinning monkey face.

Once per week, 20 Celestial Monkeys may be called forth from the barrel to complete a specific task for any profession skill known by the summoner. The monkeys perform the task with the summoners profession skill modifier plus a +10 bonus to the DC. The monkeys stay until the task is complete or x1 hour per level of the summoner, which ever is shorter, at which point they all jump back into the barrel.

The monkeys from the barrel have a greater intelligence (Int 10) than ordinary Celestial Monkeys. They can not be ordered to attack, opting to avoid combat if at all possible; however, they will attack in self defence as a group if one of them is slain.

Cost 2000 gold
Weight 12 lbs
Caster Level 1st
Aura Strong Conjuration, DC 10
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Barrel of Monkeys
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