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 Recruiting All Able Bodies!

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PostSubject: Recruiting All Able Bodies!   Recruiting All Able Bodies! EmptyFri Apr 29, 2011 12:50 pm

Since the nearly complete disassemblement of the dwarven army, Captain Letoshek has begun an undertaking of recruiting inhabitants of Amberstone to perform tasks for the commoners and surrounding camp dwellers. In several months of application the Captain has been able to draft over two-dozen members to assist and protect the people of Amberstone.

Each group of members is broken into teams, anywhere from four to six members. The majority of the teams are friends and acquaintances prior to joining the militia and therefore work better as a group than if they were to have been thrust together as strangers. The teams rarely work together (in fact, some teams simply do not work well with others); however, occasionally a task does require more than one team and they will additional support.

The motivation of each team differs as to why they joined. Some do it to quell the plite of the common-folk, while others do it for the gold. There are a few people who do this for the fame, though this route often times leads more to infamy instead.
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Recruiting All Able Bodies!
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