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 Heaven Beyond the Wall

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PostSubject: Heaven Beyond the Wall   Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:19 pm

The world of Vlos’eairthil is one ruled by evil and chaos: Hobgoblins hold many territories in the south and southeast, while the ogres primarily settle in the north, however it is the Drow sect known as Inlindl that control the majority of the land, governed within the main city in the west. Erelhei-Cinlu is protected underneath the Demonweb Crater. The territorial lines are understood, for the most part, by all parties and are very rarely disputed. Occasionally there are small skirmishes between tribes, though these are, for the most part, between the smaller and less structured groups.

These lands are absent of the usual law-abiding races such as dwarves, elves, and humans. Long ago, the majority of the elven race vanished from Vlos’eairthil with small tribes scattered in the southeast amongst the trees, while the dwarves of the Breach have withdrawn from the world and now take up refuge underneath the world. The other races, primarily the halflings and gnomes, do not have the strength to resist the forces of the larger armies, so therefore have been left alone at no risk the dark elves, hobgoblins, or ogres. The only race that has posed a threat to the Drow, and perhaps still might, are the humans.

For generations the humans have been hunted by the Drow and scattered across the land. In constant apprehension that the humans could find themselves in masses large enough to pose a militaristic threat, the Drow have led a blood-thirsty hunt for them across all the lands of Vlos’eairthil. They are now forced to live in hiding, forever drifting from one location to the next, in constant fear of being discovered. The once great civilization has been decimated and turned into a nomadic race, constantly on the brink of extinction. Humans that are found are turned into slaves or tortured for the amusement of the masses; however those that resist against the chaotic forces are put on public display as a warning to those that would even think about attempting to follow in their paths.

The only lands that the humans have been able to find safety in are to the east and beyond the Breach Wall. For over a century these groups of humans have been held up behind these mountains and out of the reach of the Drow’s deadly grasp. Unfortunately for the humans who find themselves outside of the wall, nobody has been able to find a way across or through the Wall for centuries now, so therefore not a soul has been in or out of these lands to the east for generations. The Drow now have come to accept that there is no way in, taking solace in the fact that it seems to be equally as difficult to get out, and are content with waiting for their ancient enemy until the time is right to strike.

These lands to the east, beyond the Breach Wall, are something that every follower of the light and enemy to the dark strives to reach. Over the last several decades now, it has become a dream of not just humans, but the few elves, dwarves, halflings, and gnomes that find themselves at the will of the chaotic races. The dream to reach the other side of the mountains. To reach the sacred and peaceful lands. To reach Heaven Beyond the Wall.
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Heaven Beyond the Wall
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