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 Session 5: Fearful Information

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PostSubject: Session 5: Fearful Information   Wed Oct 14, 2009 11:22 pm

Once camp was set up, they decided to find what they could about this hobgoblin. The Paladin attempted to talk with him while the Cleric tended to the needs of the now awakened dwarf. The hobgoblin was difficult to wake up and so the Drow secured him to a tree for their own protection. The dwarf did tell them that he was part of a traveling party coming from Deepholme in the north, however had no recollection of what had taken place before, during, or after his kidnapping. They offered him food and drink, which he accepted, and set him up in the Wizard's cabin.

Half way through the night, while the Paladin was on watch, the hobgoblin began to stir. Reaching out with his trident, he removed the hood that they had placed on the enemies head. The hobgoblin attempted to spit at his captor, though being unconscious for so long had throw off his aim. The Paladin's attempt at bargaining with the soldier was unsuccessful, so the Cleric requested an attempt. He approached the hobgoblin and explained that, in order to not be killed he needed to give them information. This was answered with a piece of flew spewed from the hobgoblin that smelt slightly of rotting meat and bile. A smile crept across the face of the hostage while the Cleric was restrained as to keep their only source of information alive.

In the morning they began their questioning, though at first it was met with utter silence. The Wizard spoke up and said that she could cast a spell on the hobgoblin that would make her his best friend. She approached him cautiously, waved her hands while whispering an incantation, and a shine came over the hobgoblin's eyes. He smiled, a creepy loving smile, at the Wizard. She looked around and said, "Well...What do we need to know?" and they began to fire questions through her.

After their questioning, they had learned that he was part of the second wave of forces sent from the Den, deep within the Murks. The first wave had been sent weeks before him, and a third wave would have left almost a week ago. Also, these three waves were just to clear the way for the final brigade that was planned. The hope was to make it to Keldaerin in time to attack during the Blood Moon, which was just two weeks away. The hobgoblin was also about to say something about the dark elves who had attempted to destroy the city just a year ago, when he suddenly passed out.The Drow suggested that the Wizard had pushed him too far and he had over-exerted himself. The secured the hood back onto the hobgoblin and strapped him to a horse.

While the were packing up, the Drow noticed that nearly all of her bags were empty. She made the suggestion that everyone empty out their sacks as a "just in case". When the Wizard emptied out her bag, the Drow's equipment poured to the ground. She shot her a scornful look while shoveling her things back into her bag and stormed out of the cabin. The Wizard emphatically insisted that she had no idea how those things made their way into her bags, but with little avail as far as the Drow and Druid were concerned. After packing up their camp they traveled south back towards the caravan to return the dwarf to his friend.

Upon arriving the dwarf met them with a warm greeting. He seemed to be somewhat short with his driver, though everyone supposed that dwarfs simply did not like to show their emotions that often. The rescued dwarf returned to the caravan while his boss made his way to the party. The Paladin explained what had happened and the condition that they had found his friend in, and also that they had taken a hobgoblin hostage. They asked if he could bring the hostage to Hollins for further questioning, which he would be rewarded for ahead of time with two bags of gold that they had gotten from the bandit camp.

"Ah, a bounty of treasure and a bounty of hostages!"

When asked about what he meant the dwarf responded, "Two bags of gold, a hobgoblin, and a drow. Enough reward for an army!"

The Paladin explained that the Drow was, in fact, traveling with them. This information stirred the dwarf wrongly, and he seemed to turn on the party then. He told them that they could take whatever they wanted from his wagon (it was all garbage anyway. The bandits had grabbed any of the good stuff) and be on their way. The Paladin respectfully declined and the dwarf went back to yell at his henchmen while the party doubled back to cross the bridge yet again, this time hopefully for the last. First, though, they would have to camp through the night.
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Session 5: Fearful Information
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