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 Demon Pass and the Watch Towers

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PostSubject: Demon Pass and the Watch Towers   Thu Jun 24, 2010 5:15 pm

Long before the Pillars were created, the world was in turmoil and the lands shifted with a fierce consistency. The creatures of Illdarin had yet to settle and therefore simply wandered the lands, not feeling the need to create towns or cities for the world was their home. In this chaos the earth was torn apart and slammed together several times in several places, creating places of particular danger. One place in particular just up the eastern coast from the Golden Tip called the Maelstrom; an enormous eddy caused when a small portion of the land pulled away, leaving an underground void seemingly unquenchable.

On this newly created island was a small group of elves that had been traveling up the coastline and were caught in the chaos. When they finally realized that they were trapped they began to build small boats in order to sail across the stretch of sea. However, once they finally set sail it was realized that the current created by the Maelstrom was too powerful to cross in any simple man-powered ship, no matter how large they made them. Years passed until they were finally able to learn the currents and how to use them to their advantages. Eventually, this group of elves were capable of sailing up and down the pass without harm, even developing maps dedicated to the complex systems that ran throughout the waters of what came to be known as Demon's Pass.

Their ability to navigate the pass and the Maelstrom eventually gained them notoriety among privateers and tradesmen when the elves took it upon themselves to become the protectors of the Maelstrom and the Demon Seas that surrounded it. Knowing the currents as well as they did gave them the ability to swoop in and out quickly, rescuing at least the crew of ships that became caught in the torrents. Eventually they became known as the Watchers of the Pass, mainly because of the two sky scrapping watch towers built on either end of the pass. These were so that the scryers that sit atop them could keep a keen and far eye for any ships in distress and so that the swifts at sea could stay in contact (using a somewhat complex light signal system developed over several years). So it has been now for hundreds of years that the Watchers and the Demon are in a constant struggle of survival.
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Demon Pass and the Watch Towers
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