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 Session 1: When Paths Collide

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PostSubject: Session 1: When Paths Collide   Sun May 16, 2010 5:07 pm

After taking care of my business with the Drow, I headed back to the Blood Fields just to see what the Prince had done with himself (seeing that the outcome of his current situation affected greatly our next move in the current endeavour). However, I realized that he had left the fields and finally made his way to Rudstow in search of the contact I had given him...That is, if Arri had not gotten to him first. Unforunately, Holinn took his time and collected himself while in the town and missed his chance at safety. In the mean time, I followed up on a nosy adventurer who was sticking her nose in matters that do not (nor should not) concern her.

I managed to track down Holinn while he was in a tavern barganing with some type of sailor (I'm guessing). I left them to their discussions while I tracked down the meddler. I finally found her, confronted by a group of brigands and some mage, though apparently not all together. The sorceress was wise not to use her skills in Rudstow, instead opting for some type of projectile that knocked the robbers unconscious. It also appears that the suspcions were incorrect as the target is apparently blind. One of such hinderance could not possibly be what was said to be.

In the mean time, it seems that Holinn managed to gain boarding on a ship traveling west (a good idea for someone in his circumstances...both present and future) with a fellow by the name of Valen. It also seems that the blind woman's savior was also looking for passage off of this land and gained the trust of the captain. However, it does seem that this captain is missing one very important piece of equipment...a ship.

Now I see how the mage has gathered such interesting items of interest. She very easily talked her way into a tavern and managed to procure a vessel with the promise of immesurable wealth to the owner if only he were to lend them the ship. He accepted, and they were one step closer to their journey. Although, this ship was neither the largest nor the most beautiful in the harbor, and this was something that Valen could not settle for. He made his way into the tavern in search of the owner to the Queen Victoria...
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Session 1: When Paths Collide
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