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 Session 4: The Bandit Camp

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PostSubject: Session 4: The Bandit Camp   Wed Oct 14, 2009 10:49 pm

The next morning, the party made their way along the river until they came to a rickety wooden bridge that crossed from one steep cliff to the other. They dismounted their horses and walked them across the bridge, safely making it to the other side. When they made it back to solid group the Druid noticed that there was smoke coming from behind the trees, and soon they spotted a small path to the left cutting off the main trail and into the woods. They decided to follow the path and it very soon led them to the bandit's camp.

There were a few cabins and a grouping of small huts in front of them. The Drow hopped into one of the cabins while the Paladin made his way into the gathering of huts to search for any bandits. However, instead of finding bandits he was ambushed by a group of hobgoblins. A battle insued between the hobgoblins and the party. The hobgoblins barking out orders to his troops was standing at the back of the pack, holding up an unconscious dwarf with a knife to his throat. Several blows were dealt to the Paladin before he was able to get his defenses up, while the Druid and the Wizard began throwing lightning and flame at their attackers. The Cleric made his way through the chaos to the leader of the pack, slaying him with a single touch of his hand. The Drow entered the fray flinging alchemical fire on the group, then jumping down to the side of the Paladin. They managed to take out all but one of the hobgoblins, whom the Wizard began to asphyxiate with a cloud of smoke. He waved his hands above his head as if in submission, so the Wizard removed her spell and they bound their hostage to deal with him later. They searched the hobgoblins while the Drow searched the leader before finding the pile of bags filled with gold coins and gems, which she began to slice open looking for clues.

They threw the unconscious hobgoblin and dwarf onto the backs of the horses and attempted to make their way back across the bridge, however it appeared that them crossing it had caused one of the ropes to break. The Cleric crossed the span using his cloak and returned the rope to it's previous state, and they made their way back to safety, setting up camp for the night.
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Session 4: The Bandit Camp
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