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 Session 12: Finishing the Fight

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PostSubject: Session 12: Finishing the Fight   Sun Apr 18, 2010 8:21 pm

The oncoming hobgoblins and soldiers came barreling down onto the former slaves as they attempted to regain themselves. Talis readied herself while Holinn prepared for another battle, and Sera inspired her teamates. However, Korthal was nowhere to be found...again. The hobgoblins rushed towards the group and Sera layed them down with gail force winds. Meanwhile, Holinn attempted to stand toe-to-head with their bird-like attackers. A couple of the hobgoblins managed to crawl their way from the storm, though Holinn quickly dispatched of them.

After the two soldiers were taken down by Talis, backup arrived in the form of a large lioneque creature charging through the battlefields. A couple more of the hobgoblins broke out and made it towards Hoolinn, while Sera concentrated her efforts on the third causing him to collapse onto the ground in hysterics. The lion charged the shifter and attempted to strike though without avail. He lept back and let out a mighty roar which threw Holinn and Talis into a panic to which the Drow reacted by casting them in darkness. The last hobgoblin was still conscious when the winds died down, so Sera took out her crossbow and lined up a perfect shot directly into it's head.

Meanwhile, a call had been made that drew the lion fighter back into the main combat. Moments later, the darkness fell with Nuru's jaws clenched to the throat of the last soldier, while Holinn stood over the mangled corpse of Talis. Sera ran in and let out a massive wave of pain that knocked the shifter back and took out my companion and his attacker.

Everything after that was a rush...Nuru is awake now. Sera, unfortunately, had to pay for what she did. Holinn had several questions (of which mostly I just made answers up to make him stop) and I finally just pointed him to the nearest town. Rudstow I believe. After that I packed up Talis' body in the box that was given to me (after I collected my mask that she put to such good use) and left the shifter to his own demise.
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Session 12: Finishing the Fight
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