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 Royal Flush on the Seas

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PostSubject: Royal Flush on the Seas   Wed Apr 14, 2010 6:38 pm

Jack of Hearts

Literally born on a boat at sea, Jack Teagues was the son of a ship captain with his wife as his first mate. The seas have been his home ever since. Jack took over the captain’s seat of his father’s ship at the age of twenty-two and took over the trade routes that his father and mother had sailed for years. His years of knowledge has made him one of the only ships that can navigate through the Pillared Sea, allowing him almost sole access to coastal trades. He has also struck up deals with various other sailors, pirates, and privateers to ship their goods from Tribolo to Keldaerin, of course for a nominal fee. He kept up these duties for almost a decade before the Third Dark War.

Just as his father had done more than 30 years before, Captain Teagues led his crew, along with a small fleet of ships, to provide cover and support for Keldaerin. He also used his knowledge of the Pillared Sea to transport commoners into Tribolo (the harbor town on the outside of the Pillars). This was the first time that non-sailors had been allowed into this place, however under the protection of Jack Teagues these people had nothing to worry about.

These actions have given Teagues favor with the Riddari family, and his dedication to the people of Keldaerin, and Illdarin as a whole, has earned him the nickname Jack of Hearts.

Queen of Diamonds

Elizabeth McAvoy was the daughter of a high-profile soldier in the service of Cresthaven. She had everything handed to her, though most of her platters were gold. She grew up within the walls of the city and very rarely traveled outside, though no matter where she went there was a group of bodyguards around her. Her father was well-known behind the Crested Wall and his enemies would do anything get to him.

Eventually, Elizabeth grew tired of living under the constant watch of her guards. She begged her mother to let her go, though she was just as worried as her father of what would happen. So they came up with an agreement: Instead of Elizabeth making her way out into the lands of Illdarin, she would instead make her way across the seas surrounding the continent. Her father hesitantly agreed with the proposal, and at once she began to aquire what she needed to begin her quest. Her father bought her a ship and supplied her with a crew (who were, as Elizabeth guessed correctly, tasked with keeping his daughter safe). She set sail nearly two years ago and spends most of her time running cargo from Far Point all the way under the southern tip to Rudstow, picking up gems, jewels, and gold to outfit her ship.

Her vessel, glimmering against the waters under the setting sun, gave her the name the Queen of Diamonds.

King of Clubs

Very little is known about this pirate, other than his deadly dealings with the ships that were unlucky enough to come across his ship, the Lady of Death. Known by many names (depending on where his has set anchor) from Black Dog, Chaos Beast, Devil of the Crown, or Blackwater Demon, this pirate has no harbor that he calls home and spends all his days at sea indiscriminately destroying trade vessels, merchant ships, or even royal navy. Thus far, the bounty on his head has reached 327000 gold pieces.

This killer hasen’t chosen the usual pirate equipment of the rapier, dagger, or pistol. Instead, he carries around two giant wooden clubs slung across his back. He also is never afraid to board his enemies ships and begin crushing both the ship and crew alike.

This ruthless behavior with these primitive weapons is what got him his newest name; the King of Clubs.

Ace of Spades

Stephen Armitopolus was born an orphan. His parents abandoned him in Rudstow at birth and, seeing that there is no formal form of law or protection, a small group of local tradesmen and tavern owners took in the child. He spent all of his adolescence working in the bars and hostels, while also training with the blacksmiths and armorsmiths as well. As he grew older he began to admire the freedom and comrodery that the sailor’s reveled in, and at the age of fifteen Stephen boarded his first vessel. He spent the next ten years going from ship to ship as a hired hand while training in every means he could, in hopes of eventually captaining his own ship one day.

While sailing with a group of less reputable sailors who spent their off-time knife fighting for money, Stephen realized that he had a knack for the short blade. While these duels were done with knives, there were very rarely injuries and never a death, at least at the hands of Stephen. He eventually began to make a reputation for himself as the undefeated champion of the Shimmering Veil. Though he never found himself on a ship of quite that level of competition and social dynamic ever again, his reputation seemed to follow him where ever he traveled...whether he liked it or not. From that point on, he was no longer thought of as the helpful hand that any ship would be glad to hire on for a trip, instead being known as a ruthless fighter that, given the chance, would slice anyone he could. Eventually, using his earnings made from his duels and many years of hired work, Stephen was able to purchase his own ship and hire a crew in the hopes of changing his infamous reputation.

On the seas now for little over a year, his nickname from the Shimmering Veil has followed him till this day; the Ace of Spades.
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Royal Flush on the Seas
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