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 Session 11: Into the Light

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Session 11:  Into the Light Empty
PostSubject: Session 11: Into the Light   Session 11:  Into the Light EmptyThu Apr 01, 2010 7:44 pm

Once they were able to hone in on their attackers (and with the heroic return of the Dark Blade), the group was finally able to dispatch of them. Holinn took a look at the creatures and had a worried look about him (for a bear). After they left, I inspected their remains and noticed that they had been tainted by the evils that have infested this area (and there is no telling if this taint will spread, or how long it will take). After travelling until they could barely see their hands in front of them, the party rested. When they awoke the next morning they continued their travel down the path and towards the Crimson Fields (as I have found the fey in the area to have renamed them. I find it catchier than Golden Field).

When they were about the approach the treeline, Korthal informed them that there was a battle in progress ahead. Apparently the hobgoblins had found a way around the path, for they were now in a heated battle with the planar allies. They crawled their way closer until the trees were scattered enough that Holinn could shape into his owl. However, his appearance grabbed the attention of a group of hobgoblins and they began to rush towards him. It was a race, but the group managed to make it onto his back in time for him to take off, only sustaining a single blow. They rushed towards the sky and to their freedoms from this place. Perhaps...

It seemed that their actions also found the attention of a group of flying soldiers and, despite their best efforts, this was not the optimal fighting situation for a group of land mammals. They were able to land a few blows before the bird-men became fed up with them and, with a cust of wind, knocked Korthal and Sera from their impromptu mount. Soon after Holinn shot up into the clouds and out of sight. Luckily, the two wingless creatures were coming back down to the earth, followed by two of the soldiers. The landed with a thud, though barely alive...alive non-the-less. I am not quite sure what happened within the clouds, but soon after the Holinn came flailing down (form after form after form), all the while Talis holding on for her life. And the last soldier not far behind them.

Just as they were about to come to the path's end (in more ways than one), Talis braced herself for the impact. Only not. At the very last moments, she pushed off of Holinn (who at this point was a large bundle of vines and the like) and rolled to safety a dozen or so feet away. Meanwhile, Holinn lay on the group in a heap of vegetation, though judging by the fact they was still a plant, this meant that the fall had not been fatal. Now they found themselves bruised, battered, and surrounded by flying soldiers. And soon to be hobgoblin soldiers as well.
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Session 11: Into the Light
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