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 Session 3: The Caravan

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PostSubject: Session 3: The Caravan   Wed Oct 14, 2009 9:47 pm

The party, minus the Drow who still refused to ride on a horse, made their way north towards the only bridge that spanned the river when the Druid (who had been scouting ahead as a hawk) spotted a group standing around a small covered wagon. There was three men clad in plated armor and carrying swords, while a dwarf sat nervously inside the wagon. The party decided that they were going to approach the group, when one of the guardsmen noticed the party.

"Stand where you are!" the dwarf yelled out. "A've booby-trapped this whole area an you'll be blown ta bits if ya take one more step. So ya best just be turnin' around and going back to where ever you came from!"

Caught off guard, the Paladin announced that their intentions had nothing to do with him, however the dwarf only spouted, "Aye, you hobbs are a clever bunch, but I can see straight through ya!" The Cleric proclaimed that they had no affiliation with them and had, in fact, just killed a small group of them a day earlier. The dwarf seemed to be pleased by this news and beckoned the group to approach. Seeing their hesitation he told them "There be no traps around. Just hopin' that the threat might scare off those stupid creatures."

Once they reached the wagon the guardsmen had sheathed their weapons and the dwarf was climbing out to greet them. He explained that they had been making their way from the mountains to the north when they were ambushed by a group of bandits. They managed to get away, however without his driver who was kidnapped and taken back to their camp, across the river just on the other side of the bridge. He had sent one of his hired guards south to get help, but that was nearly three days ago and he feared the worst. The Paladin decided not to tell the dwarf about the letter they had found, but did vow to find his friend and bring him back safely.

The party camped for a bit to let the Drow catch up, and then they made their way along the river once again. Soon enough night-time fell and they set up camp along the shore.
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Session 3: The Caravan
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