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 Session 7: Elves of a Different Color

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PostSubject: Session 7: Elves of a Different Color   Sat Feb 20, 2010 2:17 pm

They woke the next morning and began their travels to Silverwind. Few days passed without any interruptions, though they had no idea what is waiting for them in the Valley of Chords. After days of travel they came to the clearing of the Fallen City. The slayer's companion seemed to come in handy when he spotted the elven scouts around their pyre. It was the bard and the shifter that decided to approach them first and gather as much information as they could.

The elves saw a young woman and her dog strolling through the ruins They put their merriment and song making on hold in order to speak with the travelers. The red-haired elf in the purple cloak spoke many languages before finding one that they had in common. They conversed in elven for quite a while: The elf told her that they were standing guard to make sure that people did not travel to the Valley, and that it was not safe for them. Seradeen explained that they had come from the east and that they were ambushed by a group of cat-like creatures that killed one of her friends, though they were able to narrowly escape thanks for a group of wandering warriors to valiantly fought their attackers. Holinn was being himself and soon began to annoy one of the elves; rubbing himself against him and pulling on his cloak. However, when the one with the purple cloak attempted to swat the dog away and his hand passed through the animal, they knew that something was not right about the traveling team. And when he blinked behind a wall and next to a hiding elf, that is when things began to go downhill.

The purple-cloaked elf's eyes began to burn and, and when Talis poked her head around the wall she had been hiding behind, he and his companions were engulfed in pillars of flame.

At first the party had the upper hand, though the elves (though I suppose that, at this point, even I can admit that my first intuition about these people were false) appeared that they were holding back slightly. After taking some hits from the travelers, great walls of flame began to sprout around them and bursts of fire seemed to be taking their toll.

I tried to warn them...It seems that their plan may be harder to complete than we thought.
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Session 7: Elves of a Different Color
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