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 Kortahl, The Drow Assassin for Hire

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PostSubject: Kortahl, The Drow Assassin for Hire   Sun Jan 31, 2010 1:50 am

Kortahl grew up like any other male Drow. He was never revered by anyone, nor was he given any hopes or dreams of greatness from the members of his clan. The original plan was to have him be trained as just another run-of-the-mill soldier that would be sent to the front lines as cannon fodder. During his training however, it was discovered that Kortahl’s abilities laid not in his sword fighting skills, but in his natural ability to command the arcane and even incorporate that magic into his battles. The more his powers grew, the more people began to realize what he was: a Hexblade. While not the most impressive of warriors, Hexblades use their control of the arcane to weaken their opponents and manipulate any situation they find themselves in to their advantage. He was taken away from his family in order to put his skills to proper use: as an assassin. Kortahl grew up really only associating with one female Drow who eventually worked, and killed, her way to becoming a Lieutenant. So when he was taken away from his clan to begin his training as a Hexblade, he wasn’t terribly heartbroken over the matter. His training was continued and eventually completed by a guild of assassins who taught him how to have such complete control over his powers that it eventually manifested itself in a physical form; one that is rarely seen. Once his training was completed, he was allowed to return to his fellow Drow, who made frequent use of his talents. Unfortunately, this had some negative results. While he claims that his enemies refer to him as “The Black Blade”, he has earned himself a much less flattering name among his own people: “Kin-Slayer”. In an effort to assume power within the Drow hierarchy, it is not uncommon for assassins to be hired and sent to kill those who hold higher prestige within the society. Kortahl is often the one called up to take on such tasks because no one wants to risk getting caught and executed for treason. He, having no real love loss for the Drow, never turns down a job as long as the gold is worth it. Drow, Human, Dwarf, Elf, it doesn’t matter to him. He even claims that he would kill the Queen of the Drow herself if someone paid him enough money. As a male living among the Drow, he is expendable. If he ever fails and gets caught trying to kill someone, no one would mourn his execution. Having no friends, no real family, and no other reason to go on except to kill, Kortahl has dedicated his life to amassing as much wealth as possible before he dies.

“Living is hard. Killing is easy. I might as well get paid to do both.”

Several days ago, Kortahl was handed a parchment by one of the Clerics of the Queen. His latest assignment has come from the Queen herself. The same Drow he knew growing up had failed in leading an attack on the Human city of Keldaerin. As a result, she was exiled with the promise to be allowed back if she was able to kill the son and heir to the Duke’s throne: Prince Skass Riddari, Paladin of Muradin. A constant thorn in her side, the Queen wanted someone to be sent out to ascertain the status of the assassination of Prince Riddari, find out why it was taking so long, and to handle the situation accordingly. No word had been heard in regards to an attack on the Prince, successful or otherwise. Included with the parchment was a bag that contained gold; payment for the assignment. Kortahl took one last sip from his water satchel, and then began his hunt.

He was there, watching from the shadows during the attack on Keldaerin. He grew up with this woman that he has been sent to find, so he knows all her habits and tricks. It shouldn’t be too hard to track her down. He just needs to follow the trail of dead bodies she has a habit of leaving behind. And for her sake, he hopes she has some good news to share with him that he can bring back to the Queen. After all, the Queen was extremely nonspecific on how to handle the situation should it turn out that the former Lieutenant had failed.
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Kortahl, The Drow Assassin for Hire
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