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 Session 4: A Helping Hand

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Session 4:  A Helping Hand Empty
PostSubject: Session 4: A Helping Hand   Session 4:  A Helping Hand EmptySun Jan 17, 2010 12:26 am

After a short meal, the hobgoblin eventually made it back to the group, but with an associate; the dark cloaked man. We traveled only a short distance until we spotted several small groups of creatures attempting to hide in the grasses. Tallis decided that she would draw them out, throwing fire into the grasses. This drew their attention while the group swam across the lake (surprisingly the stone man did not sink). However, the rest of the creatures, the gnolls which we were meant to meet up with from what it seems, followed along the shore until they met up with us on the other side. Language barriers proved difficult, though their flailing hand signals appeared that they wanted us to follow them.

Eventually we were brought to a small rock outcrop with a tunnel entrance. The gnoll lead Tallis, Holinn, the talkative one, and the soldier into the tunnel, while the stone and cloaked men stayed behind. At this point there were other things at hand...

They exited a short time after and traveled easterly.

They came to a group of centaurs, taking up a point a few hundred yards away.

They stayed still for several minutes.

Finally, the stone warrior became impatient and began to move.

A small storm forms, pinning down more than half of the scout group...While the stone man charges forward, taking a blow from a centaur. No. Not centaur, but something else.

They strike down two before the others are released from the storm. The stone man mounts one of the beasts and nearly rips the head off. The beasts are dead.

Apparently I was too late to join the fray, however it seems that Holinn had some escalating issues seeing as how he charged into the camp killing everything walking on four hooves. It's too bad that everything in there was woman and child. Apparently, he does not have the same convictions as his brother had.
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Session 4: A Helping Hand
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