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 Melaseere Agarlasse, the Unbalanced Druid

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PostSubject: Melaseere Agarlasse, the Unbalanced Druid   Mon Nov 30, 2009 10:55 pm

My birth was a normal one for elves, or so I am told. My father Thaesylorsul, the burly man he is, was nervous, Seamus was doing his best to calm the warrior. Staring down hordes of invades intent on wiping out all you know and love is nothing compared to the birth of your first born apparently. My mother Amaelsys Vaelityl was calm as always in even with my birth looming large over her head. She was a healer and had seen hundreds of lives end and begin again. This was par for the course so to speak. My grandmother was beside her discussing everything from our leaders to our weather.
Seamus was my fathers best friend and fighting companion, he was my fathers eyes when he lost one and almost the other. He uncannily was a protective and loyal and sweet hearted dwarf, not uncanny that Seamus was all those thing but uncanny that my father was best friends with a dwarf. It is very uncommon or the mine dwellers to live with us and our wide expanse of trees and sky. They had met years before I was born but mere months before my parents. My father had heeded the call to action by our leaders, our smaller groups of cousins had been attacked. They were fighting a losing battle against an evil we had never met before. It appears these creatures were also attacking the clan of the Hammerfoot dwarves, one of the larger clans of dwarves in the north. They were and are fierce fighters, but do so only out of necessity, they take no joy in shedding blood of others even those as vile as the invaders. Father lost his eye saving Seamus' life for this the noble dwarf was indebted to him. My father was patched up and fought back with vigor. Eventually father, Seamus and their troupe fought back the hordes and won the battle, the war however was not over. My mother at the time with her calm way was practically made to be a battle doctor, with her god to guide her she saved lives and put those she couldn't at peace. Having fought along side him for at least a year the smart dwarf knew how my father felt about healers and clerics alike, they were where you went to die. Infection however was spreading though my fathers body, he had taken to being violently ill, and feverish. Seamus who’s father was an accomplished healer as well as fighter had no fear of those with the soothing touch and calming words, he drugged my father and deposited him at my mothers feet, lovingly of course. She saved his good eye and healed what she could but the other was lost forever, lost to the invaders.
The invaders are the things that go bump in the night, the things that haunt your dreams and will get you if you don't eat all your vegetables. They are a species so vile that we truly only speak of them in hushed tones and whispers, their real names only our leaders and those that fought them know, as children we are only to refer to them as invaders. They invade your life and steal your soul. Even as an adult I do not know their real name I just know that whenever my father becomes ill and the fever takes him to sleep again, he mumbles something and I am not allowed to see him, Seamus gets grave the easy smile stolen from his grizzled face, and my mother is ushered in to over see the healing.
My mother oversaw the healing of many a young and old warrior but none tried to win her heart as much as my father, he was and still is smitten with the healer. Every week I am told he would visit her with a new ailment, he stubbed his toe, his hair won't lay correctly, his fingers hurt after holding his scimitar for long periods of time, he was relentless. Eventually he was called away to battle again and mother was sent to heal another group of fighters and that’s when it happened, she missed him. Not a lot but a little, just his smile here, or the way he would always show up with a new joke, or a smaller flower, so she sent word to him, a letter and a favor. The favor was a smaller loch of her hair wrapped with a flower and a string of ribbon, the letter told him that she missed him and would be awaiting his return and that she asked her god to watch over all warriors but him particularly. Seamus usually tells me at this point in the story that my father fought like an elf with 4 eyes instead of just 1, and that he was determined to return home to Silverwind.
It was during this larger battle that the combined force of dwarves and elves went on the attack. We wiped out as much of the invaders as we could. Occasionally we hear rumbles of something larger in the works but we have lived in peace since. My father returned home, and Seamus came with him, determined to repay his debt. They worked in their fields and took care of each other, my father and he traded crafts, alchemy and potion making for my father and masonry for Seamus. Eventually my parents married, then I was born. I was precocious and good with animals, and my grandmother swore I would be a druid like her, a healer with a warm heart and a soft touch, it didn't stop Seamus from trying to make me into a fighter, I had plans of my own. I knew from a very young age I would be the greatest battle druid ever. I have always had an affinity for animals, I don't need to speak with them, I can be quite and docile and they with be quite and docile. My family is large, especially for elvish standards I have 3 siblings, a brother and two sisters, my brother has been gleaned to be a fighter his whole life and he takes to it with vigor like my father did, my sisters are both going to be clerics, they speak often with their gods, they are all still young which is why I was the only one that got to travel north with Seamus for his annual visit with his brother Dougen. It appears his brother is a blacksmith in a city in the north, it is prosperous and I have often talked about seeing the world. Granted this talk was usually only to Totes, he is my battle buddy if you will, a falcon, he like my father only has one eye, and occasionally thinks he's a goat, which is a long story in itself, it involves a witch doctor some ogres, really don't ever get him started on it cause then he won't shut up. I found Totes alone in the woods once, his eye bleeding from where a bigger falcon had clawed at him. Like my mother I healed him as best I could be he told me he was forever in my debt.
The three of us embarked on this journey together to the north, it was on this journey we had been hearing whispers, of a fight, with drow. I have only heard of drow in stories of the beginning of the world, and of ghost stories and tales of again not eating all your vegetables at the dinner table. These drow were attacking the same city we were heading to, Seamus wanted to head back and tell my father of the fight, but I told him no, to press on, we would be more help there than heading back and any way when we got there then we could send word once we knew what the actual situation was, why waste time on what could be an alarmist warning of a battle that has never come to fruition. He agreed, but said that his gut felt otherwise. It was outside the city that we saw them, hundreds of thousands of them , all of them fighting to get into the city. Driders were trying to spider walk up the walls and the people inside and outside were doing their best to keep them at bay. Seamus and I without hesitation joined the battle, we were fighting along side farmers and fighters, druid and healers, everyone was trying to fight the drow back. It was during this battle that Seamus repaid his debt. We were fighting along side each other, back to back in some cases, I was casting my spells, and using my scimitar as he and my father had taught me. When out of nowhere a drider came charging at me, they never made it, Seamus took their spear, and I took their head. He died to save me, at ease in the thought that he repaid his debt to my father.
The battle for the city was eventually won, and the drow ran back to their hole in the ground, I have stayed behind helping to re-grow the plants and trying to coax animals back into the area, I hear of a party being led out against some hobgoblins, my gut tells me it will turn bigger if we don't nip it in the butt, Seamus would want me to follow along with them. I have sent word to my parents of what I am doing, maybe I will finally be able to see this world.
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PostSubject: Re: Melaseere Agarlasse, the Unbalanced Druid   Tue Dec 01, 2009 12:53 am

Melaseere Agarlasse
July 19, 2009 - November 07, 2009
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Melaseere Agarlasse, the Unbalanced Druid
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