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 Seradeen O'Hara, the Dirty Bard

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PostSubject: Seradeen O'Hara, the Dirty Bard   Mon Nov 30, 2009 10:45 pm

A precocious young child with emerald eyes, stared out from the loft of her parents barn. Her mother and father were being dragged out by a bunch of hooded figures. Sera had snuck out deciding to practice on her pan pipes in barn so as not to disturb her parents, it was this act that saved her very young life. She watched as these figures she was too far away to say if they were human or not dragged her parents into the back of a carriage. That was the last she saw of her kin. The only child of modest horse farmers she was loved and taken care of but often left alone, with her elderly grandparents. It was more her taking care of them than them taking care of her.

It was on this day that Seradeen decided to forever be on the move. He parents obviously were, hooded figured or no, she saw them for three to for weeks a year the rest they were showing horses or breaking horses or just being with their horses. Granted because of this by the age of ten she was an accomplished show person already entrapping people with her performances, be it on horse or by herself.

At the age of 13 she began walking the path alone. It was on this path that she ran into her mentor her friend and the only person she ever truly felt knew she existed. He was a fellow human and his name was Corwyn O’Hara. Corwyn was only 2 years older than her but well on his way to being an accomplished bard. He could play the lute, dance, juggle, any number of things. Together they practiced their art, and became quite the traveling pair. As these two orphans traveled together they fell in love. Eventually they were married in a jovial occasion filled with song and dance. Laughs and tears and dirty limericks. What followed was the best 6 months of their lives.

Much like the night her parents were taken from her, Sera woke from a dead sleep with a strike of inspiration. She stole herself away to the hidden room in which they perfected their craft. It was from here she heard the commotion, and heard the code word, the word they said they would never need to use but just incase.
“Guys I don’t know what you think I am but I am a bard and I just want to play on my Pan Pipes”
Much like the night she became an orphan she froze. She knew she was never going to see him again but instead of fight she stood stock still. When she heard them leave she began to search around the house, then she heard the carriage and knew, it was the same people.

After months of moping and crying Sera stumbled upon Corwyns last masterpiece it was about her, how she was courageous, and like he was singing it to her, she felt greatness spread over her. She knew she could find them. Everyone she ever loved, she would find them and kill who ever hurt them and her.

As she began gathering information she found the best person to go to was a goblin, which lead to another goblin, which made her question why they were considered such bad creatures when they were so helpful, and one hand washes the other so to speak.
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PostSubject: Re: Seradeen O'Hara, the Dirty Bard   Sat Apr 17, 2010 2:50 pm

Seradeen O'Hara
November 16, 2009 - April 11, 2010
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Seradeen O'Hara, the Dirty Bard
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