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 The Murks, Uncharted Lands

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PostSubject: The Murks, Uncharted Lands   Mon Nov 30, 2009 6:54 pm

Over a century ago, the Green River ran down from Springs Lake high in the Divided Mountains. It ran through the Dark Oak Forests and gave sustanance to the creatures and plant-life in the area, while also providing swift travel for anyone wanting to head south to the Flurry Gulf. However, when a tribe firbolgs traveling west from the cliffs settled near the edges of the forest, so began both the decline of the grasslands to the south and the creature of what would become the Murks.

When the firbolg tribe began searching for a land to build upon, they chose the shores of the Green River as their new home. They began cutting down trees and building huts, while clearing out the lands and subsiquently driving away any competing creatures in the area. This included the nomadic hobgoblin and gnoll clans that had taken to wandering the area between forest and clearing. The firbolg realized that having the river running through their lands was bothersome, as they had to keep throwing rocks and trees at the passing boats, so they decided that it would be much easier to simply not have the river there. They began building a damn that would eventually disconnect the mountains with the sea, hoping that this would make the river useless to travellers and traders.

Indeed, their plan did work though it had an unintended consiquence; the river began to flood. Not only that, but because of the low lands that the river ran through mid-way between the mountains and the delta, the entire area in the middle of the Dark Oak Forests became a thick swamp. Though these new lands seemed nearly uninhabitable, they were ripe for the picking to the clans that had been thrown from their previous homelands. Goblins, hobgoblins, kobolds, gnolls, along with other species of dire creations were drawn to this new murky swamp and took up residence. From that point on, even though the damn has been long destroyed, the Murks still exist and most fear have become a breeding group for the dark and dangerous kinds.
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The Murks, Uncharted Lands
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