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 Hyriken Shuriken

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PostSubject: Hyriken Shuriken   Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:09 pm

This large shuriken is forged from a solid piece of iron and balanced to near perfection.  A hyriken may be thrown normally as normal attack, however as a standard action it may be thrown with such precision that it actually rebounds back to the thrower, returning just before his next turn.  The hyriken will return to the same space that it was originally thrown from, however the wielder may take a -2 on the attack roll for each square that he plans on moving after the attack.  If the wielder moves after the attack without making this adjustment, then the hyriken will land in the space of the original throw.

Exotic Ranged Weapon
Critical x3
Range 30'
Type Slashing
Damage 1d6
Weight 10 lbs
Cost 350 gold
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Hyriken Shuriken
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