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 Bloodclaw, the Destroyer

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Bloodclaw, the Destroyer Empty
PostSubject: Bloodclaw, the Destroyer   Bloodclaw, the Destroyer EmptyWed Oct 14, 2009 12:06 am

Leader of the hobgoblins in the Murks and the warrior responsible for the destruction within the Black Oak woods for the last several years. He is also the reason why Skass and his search party are heading within uncharted regions with a preemptive strike.

He is a very accomplished fighter and warrior who has made his way to the top of a very militant society with power and a complete lack of compassion. Bloodclaw has done everything within his control to make himself as powerful and indestructible as possible, surrounding himself with the best of the warriors in the region and harnessing their skills and abilities for his own use. His feelings of superiority and righteousness have caused him to set his sights on Keldaerin.
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Bloodclaw, the Destroyer
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