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 Villages, Towns, and Cities of Skalderna

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PostSubject: Villages, Towns, and Cities of Skalderna   Wed Jun 13, 2012 12:23 am

The following are the settled areas located within the Eastern Planes

Brestead - A population of nearly three-hundred, consisting mostly of humans, this larger village sits upon a weathered outcrop, accessible by a single road. It is governed by a small congress, selected by lottery every few years. It's location makes it perfect for defense and isolation from the wilderness, however the harsher surroundings also make it difficult for your normal agriculture, therefore they tend to stick to winter fruits and vegetables, along with rice and a small selection of grains. Brestead is also quite famous as the village in which the current Oracle was discovered.

Leebrook - Possibly the largest city aside from Langen, it boasts a population of roughly 850 humans. Built up around a castle, constructed of fused stone walls and defensive earthworks, the city has since let the building fall to near ruins. The Keep appears deserted, but those with the right knowledge are aware that it is actually still inhabited by a harlot named Inen. A large stable near the keep still keeps horses and carriages. The most prominent tavern in the city is a nearly four story establishment called The King's House.

Hylley - With a population of around 450, the town was settled mostly by human and a small contingent of dwarves who have traveled from the west as tradesmen and smiths. The area was originally the location of a large keep, made with black stone walls and a wooden palisade. The keep is overgrown with thorny vines, and has fallen to disrepair. The village is defended by a wooden palisade. Its location close to both fields, forest, and ocean have made it an out of the way, though well worth the travel, location for most traders and travellers. It is governed by a mayor, a male human named Thamart Allod, at the current time.

Pramaya - A small fishing and farming village located on the banks of the Rakitan River, its population often times never exceeds forty or so inhabitants. With traders and travellers constantly settling and departing from the village, their is never enough consistent villagers to form any type of stable government. Any issues are taken care of via mob rule, and usually done so either at the village hall or, if the subject matter is a bit less formal, just beyond the palisades.
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Villages, Towns, and Cities of Skalderna
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