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 Session 4: Into the Swamps

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PostSubject: Session 4: Into the Swamps   Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:38 pm

The sneaky one survived they rest until the others wake finally come back to the world of the living until the dark one begins to cry and shout and withdraw as the three begin to argue and complain while the small one and other sit uncomfortably watching and waiting noise in grasses enemy run chase run hide wait. We hide in trees and grasses for hours until we know the chase is over. We begin to make our way into the woods. Dirt becomes soft and trees become heavy. Everything is wet. Little one can't walk. Girls get higher to see and buzzing sound from above. Big bugs. Following map to camps. One to another. To another. Finally a raft. Follow map to the river. Finally sun and fresh water. And a path. Silent one says it is safe. Camp. Rest.
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Session 4: Into the Swamps
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