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 Harman Trumble, The Rogue

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PostSubject: Harman Trumble, The Rogue   Harman Trumble, The Rogue EmptyTue Apr 03, 2012 11:44 pm

Harman Trumble, 29, the son of Harold and Audrey, was born into a Soldiering family in the town of Leebrook. Having cared more for the sound of a jingling coin purse than the clang of swords meeting, Harman rejected his father’s suggestion to join his ranks and spent his formative years running the streets and back alleys of Leebrook. While perfectly content on his own, Harman finds himself surrounded by a constant and ever changing flow of scoundrel’s, thieves and harlots.

He spends his days convincing rich passersby that he is afflicted by one ailment or another, while robbing them blind. This comes with its own inherent risks, so he carries a few small easy to conceal weapons.

Movement through the rooftops and back alleys has become somewhat of a hobby of his, and he will regularly spy on the town’s clerics and officials, so he can trade secrets with his other thieving friends.

He brings food and company to the lonely old woman who lives in the large decrepit castle along the Rakitan river, some believe her to have powers and be a witch.

As the town has grown and extended so has Harman’s skill, some liken him to the town fool, while others think him a genius. The only thing that is certain, he is a jack of all trades.

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Harman Trumble, The Rogue
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