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 Marian Ruskenporah McKeon - "Rusk"

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Marian Ruskenporah McKeon - "Rusk" Empty
PostSubject: Marian Ruskenporah McKeon - "Rusk"   Marian Ruskenporah McKeon - "Rusk" EmptyMon Apr 02, 2012 1:49 pm

Marian Ruskenporah McKeon, also known as Rusk, was born the second of five children of Jacob McKeon. Growing up in a military family, his father being a soldier, Rusk learned what he could of combat and joined the military himself at the age of 16. His yellow eyes and olive colored skin sometimes unnerve people, especially since none of his siblings, or his parents, have either. His yellow eyes do come with a benefit, they allow him to see exceptionally well at night. This ability comes at a price though, as any bright light, even normal sun light, causes his vision to blur. To combat the odd stares and the effects of sunlight, Rusk has adopted the habit of wearing tinted goggles during the day. He has been in the military for three years now, learning the intricacies of battle and military life, but recent events have caused him to question the decisions of his superiors. He has barely seen his family in the past three years, and does not have many friends, even less since that horrible day. The only being he confides in now is Cara, his newly adopted pet lizard. She is also the only other being to walk out of the ambush alive.
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Marian Ruskenporah McKeon - "Rusk"
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