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PostDungeons & Dragons Any

You can't click twice on a gaming website before reading about the next edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Anything from "It's going to be the greatest thing ever" to "This is the worst idea in the history of tabletops." Mostly though, the discussion has been about what people want and don't want to see in the future system – What they like and don't like about the system they are currently playing. Here lies my biggest complaint with gamers. Why are YOU too stupid to play the game how you want?

Every time someone talks about what they hope 5th edition will be comprised of, they will make a list of what they love from previous editions, along with what they've hated. I've read and listened to people talk about feats and skills, they argue over crafting, and they discuss weapons and armor. Some prefer a complex system while others cry for simplicity. Yadda yadda yadda and bitch moan complain.

All-in-all, I've heard more people talking about why they won't be using the new system rather than people looking forward to its release. My problem is with people's blind adherence to the rules of their chosen version. Why is it that RPGers insist that they must follow the Players Handbook as if it were the word of the gods? Would we be struck down with furious righteousness if we were to stray from the path of the DMG?

Now, I know that I've talked about house rules and borrowing from other games before, but what I'm talking about here is outright omittance of rule-sets. Or even maybe just portions of rules. But in either case, you don't have to be afraid. Some people prefer their players to not spend their time crafting and instead feel they should be more of the adventurous types. Fine then, tell them to cross "craft" off of their character sheets. If you love the way that 3.X handles combat, saves, skills, and everything else, but just can't stand feats, then why not just tell your players "Look, I hate feats and think they taint the game, so we're not using them in this campaign"? Is that really so hard?

I believe this is what Wizards of the Coast is attempting to do with the next edition (at least, that is my hope) – A system where every mechanic can be incorporated in multiple fashions. Just how people have been able to do for thirty some-odd years, but have just had their heads too far up their butts to realize it. They are making the game that you could have been making all along.

There isn't a representative from WotC standing at your table making sure that you adhere to the rules laid out in the book before you. There is truly nothing stopping you from mixing things up... Other than yourself.

Be creative. After all, that's what this game is really about.

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