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 Davis Billam, the Homodical Genocidal Maniacal Mercenary Killer

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World Shaper
World Shaper

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PostSubject: Davis Billam, the Homodical Genocidal Maniacal Mercenary Killer   Tue Nov 17, 2009 1:40 am

Davis Billam, also known as the most homicidal, genocidal, maniacal mercenary in all of Illdarin, has a very long and very impressive resume. His work spans nearly the entire continent, from the shores of Keldaerin to the walls of Cresthaven. His targets ranged from the very high-profile to the nearly unknown, and it seemed that he did not care where he was or who they were, so long as there was blood to spill and treasures to collect.

Billam is recognized for the amazingly impressive armor that he wears, a suit of banded armor decorated with etched skulls and beasts, while an even more impressive and daunting sword is slung on his back. This sword, which he has named the Decapitator, has a long handle wrapped in black linen, while the blade is nearly six feet long and decorated with a very ornate design of swirling, ancient writings. The weapon seems nearly too large for this man to wield, though his reputation is enough to keep most from standing in his way.

When he heard of the attack that was about to commence on the kingdom of Keldaerin, Billam took this as his sign to leave. However rather than simply pick up and travel to safer pastures, he chose instead to align himself with the hobgoblins. Billam figured that it would be a better chance to survive on this side, for if he were to be taken captive during battle he could always claim that he had been enslaved and forced to fight, whereas the hobgoblins are notorious for not taking captives at all.

The hobgoblins were not impressed with this human’s showy weaponry; however it would be foolish for them to turn down any cannon fodder that volunteered. Little did they know the killer that they had taken on, and the blood-thirsty want that lay within.
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PostSubject: Re: Davis Billam, the Homodical Genocidal Maniacal Mercenary Killer   Tue Jan 05, 2010 12:16 am

Davis Billam
November 14, 2009 - January 03, 2010
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Davis Billam, the Homodical Genocidal Maniacal Mercenary Killer
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