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 Week 6 - Max pukes while flying on an invisible worm

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PostSubject: Week 6 - Max pukes while flying on an invisible worm   Sun Dec 11, 2011 1:14 pm

General T’Roliin,
The group arrived back at Gnorp’s with the heads and, per their deal, he gave them six blights to get them over the canyon. The twins were as enthusiastic as usual and proceeded to try to make the blights move by kicking them and pulling on the reins. Gnorp explained that the reins and saddles were simply to keep them on the blights and that the blights knew where to go. I have personally seen these flying worms in action and I know how strong of a rider one needs to be to control a blight. I doubt any member of this group will succeed with directing the blights, and if they do, it will only be for brief intervals. I don’t think one of the twins is particularly enjoying his ride as much as he thought he would and emptied the contents of his stomach onto the bottom of the canyon shortly after take-off. The blights assumed their usual meandering course across the canyon, showing their riders all the best views of the canyon as Gnorp has trained them to do. When they were a little more than halfway across something spooked them and they turned sharply downward towards the trees, flying evasively the whole way down. I will admit, I had lagged a little behind and didn’t immediately spot the three obbs chasing after them, luckily they did not see me though. Blights are fairly quick when scared, and obbs are faster still. They quickly outpaced me so I do not know all the details of the fight. I did see the android ignite a tree fairly earlier on in the chase. Also the felinoid lived up to his species and leapt off his blight onto a tree to do combat on what he perceived to be more solid ground. I lost sight of the battle briefly due to the blights circling around a large rock spur, which the twins in their usual brilliant fashion tried to break apart onto the obbs. This plan did as well as their last in that all it did was cause a small pile of rocks at the bottom of the canyon and didn’t slow the obbs at all. By the time I managed to get sight of them again, they had managed to kill all of the obbs. I don’t know who scored the kill, but I know the robot took out one as it was still burning where it had crashed to the ground. Unfortunately, three grens seem to have jumped into the fray as well as two blaashes. The group was handling the grens quite easily and the blaashes were somehow kept at bay by an invisibly wall of force. I was unaware that any member of the group had this ability so I have no idea where it came from. It was not there when last I travelled this region not two weeks ago. After finishing off the grens, the naked rock female took a bow and, now that the blights have seen that all of the grens, their most hated enemy, are dead, it seems they just now remembered about the blaashes. Being that close to one blaash is enough to scare a blight, the fact that there are two of them is that much worse, this causes the blights to immediately head due east for the other side of the canyon and as far away from the blaashes as possible. Hopefully they will arrive at McNad’s soon and he will be willing to give them the code. I don’t know how much longer they have to stop this crisis. As always I will report back as often as possible.
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Week 6 - Max pukes while flying on an invisible worm
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