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 And now for a brief introduction with The Dragon Fisters

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PostAnd now for a brief introduction with The Dragon Fisters

As a group we have known each other for roughly 7-8 years depending. This has led to more inside jokes and stories then one can care to recount or share. Through my blog I intend to shed light on most of these stories, inside jokes and any nicknames, for when our podcasts are up and running (be on the look out for our kickstarter). First things first, or actually third since this is my third blog, is who are we?

I am commonly known as Pepper. I remember things, places, people, and dates. I remind the boys of anniversaries and parties. We are going to Pax East this year, as we went last year, and I have already set up the room, and broken down how much each person is going to have to pay based on the time they are staying. I am a numbers kind of girl and I like to plan things. I like to know when things are going to happen and who is going to do what, and because of this I more than often end up sounding more like a mother than a friend. I can deal because it means we get places early and usually get good seats, with plenty of healthy snacks.

Next is Besse. He is my future hubs and alas his nickname is a real name. The only other nickname that has come close to sticking is Re-Row, which came about because of a game of scrabble, where he swore, rerow was a word. It is not, you cannot rerow a river, you just row it. He has a little bit of the scatterbrain going. He can remember every movie quote ever, but will forget to pee. Besse has a love of the role play and will play off the wall characters and create voices for them. More often than not his jokes fall flat, but at least he tries.

Shade would be third. He grew into his name literally, he is the tallest of us all, and I can stand in his shade. He is a huge teddy bear and easily the most welcoming of us all, and by most welcoming I mean the most normal. He is our resident rule lawyer where I have a love for planning he has a love of game rules and mechanics. He knows them backwards and forwards and can usually tell you the page number. He however isn’t dicky about it, just straightforward.

Lastly would be Boose short for Caboose our first and most lenient DM. He creates most of our worlds, and is the moderator of our forum. Much like Besse he can be more scatterbrained than is good for him, but at least he remembers to pee. He has an enjoyment of the lore of games. He listens to lore podcasts and will tell you the backstory of any game he has played. This adds to Boose’s storytelling, because he knows what he enjoys from other games lore and uses it to enhance his play.

This is my second family and my most dear friends. We fight like cats and dogs, I say we but it’s really everyone else and I (the mom thing again). We game together, we dine and celebrate birthdays, and when the Zombies rise we will be hacking and slashing together.
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And now for a brief introduction with The Dragon Fisters :: Comments

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And now for a brief introduction with The Dragon Fisters

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