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 Week 2: Entering the Forest, avoid red things!

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PostSubject: Week 2: Entering the Forest, avoid red things!   Sun Nov 13, 2011 2:59 pm

Dear Secret Book Where I Write Stuff Down (or SBWIWSD),
I finally found something new to call you! I know you will be as excited as I was! Anyway, these people sleep forever, I thought they were never going to wake up so I could tell them the good news that it was time to eat breakfast and then head out into the forest through the secret tunnel that nobody from the outside can tell exists, which is probably why they call it a secret tunnel. I have discovered that the twins can’t follow the simplest of instructions, they couldn’t even find the way to the mess hall to get plenty of tasty food before we head out into the wilderness where, they don’t know yet, but they won’t get any tasty food, just gross trail rations, which aren’t tasty at all. After they finish breakfast, the robot didn’t eat anything, and I think the twins played with their food more than ate it, I still think there’s something odd about them, I take them down the tunnel to the secret entrance and after I explain where we will be going and how we are getting there, I open the door and start down the canyon to the forest. I am pretty sure that everyone I am leading is a complete idiot so I take the time to explain that everything red will try to, and probably can, kill us, so keep an eye out for anything red, and even if something isn’t red, if it doesn’t run away, it will probably try to kill us.

Within moments of entering the forest, I found that the twins apparently can follow orders, unfortunately a little too well. Everything they saw that was red they pointed out, even other members of the group. They did however point out the blood birds that seemed to be following us and the scarlet kai lins that tried to surprise us. That was an exciting battle! I got to see the group in action against some of those stupid lightning shooting lizard plants and as a special bonus, they decided to surprise us right near some fraking horl choo stingers. I know I look like a plant too, but those porcupine bushes are annoying! One of them threw an acid quill at me and almost hit me before I was able to get under cover! Don’t they know I am a scout! You’re not supposed to attack scouts, everybody knows that, that’s why we keep the balance by not attacking things! I felt very happy when the robot burnt them to a smoldering pile of leaves.

After the battle we continued travelling south through the forest and, much to the annoyance of everyone else, the twins continued to point out everything that was red, that didn’t stop them from trying to ride on an arn though, stupid kids don’t know what they are doing. We were crossing a small canyon by walking on a bridge when the arn appeared, then Max (I think, stupid kids even dress alike!) thought it would be fun to try to ride it! We managed to get away without anyone dying, unfortunately both twins are still with us and still as annoying as ever. I thought blood birds were following us, and I was right, a flock attacked us shortly after the arn incident, and, lucky for us, the twin’s pet arn decided to bring a friend and try to eat us for trying to ride him.

It was touch and go for awhile, but we managed to defend ourselves and kill the birds and bugs, even though no one else seems to realize just how much I contributed to the fight! The nerve of them saying that I hid, they just don’t understand the job of a scout! Why is it that no one around here seems to understand that I’m not supposed to fight, it’s degrading to say that I don’t do anything when obviously I’m leading them to where they need to go and that’s what I’m supposed to do, that and make sure that we aren’t caught by the enemy! Ican’ttalkaboutitanymore. I’llwritemorewhenIcalmmdown!!

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Week 2: Entering the Forest, avoid red things!
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