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 Material: Platinum

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PostSubject: Material: Platinum   Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:52 am

A strong, durable, and very rare metal usually used to make jewelry, figures, and other fashionable items. However recently some have become to introduce this material into their weapons and armor. Platinum is thought of as a metal that carries favorable properties, giving the possessor added lucky in their adventures.

Platinum provides a fire and acid resistance of 10. Items made of platinum are always considered masterwork (the cost of which is included in the table above), has 60 hit points and Hardness 25.

Armors made of platinum are considered one size category lighter for purposes of movement and other limitations. Arcane Spell Failures are are decreased by 20%, maximum Dexterity Bonus is increased by 2, and Armor Check Penalty are lessened by 2 (to a minimum of 0). Light shields and armor made of platinum receive a +2 to AC, medium shields and armor receive a +3, while heavy armor receives a +4.

The special qualities of platinum weapons allows it to bypass hardness when sundering weapons or attacking items, ignoring hardness less than 15. They are also able to overcome most damage reduction, like silver and adamantine would. Weapons made of this metal acquires a +2 to Hit & Damage for ammunition and light weapons, while medium receives a +3 and large weapons receive a +4.

Light Shield - +6,000 gp
Large Shield - +12,000 gp
Light Armor - +15,000 gp
Medium Armor - +30,000 gp
Heavy Armor - +45,000 gp
Ammunition - +180,000 gp
Light Weapon - +9,000 gp
Medium Weapon - +18,000 gp
Large Weapon - +27,000 gp
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Material: Platinum
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