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 Week 1: And so it begins - The naked party

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PostSubject: Week 1: And so it begins - The naked party   Fri Sep 16, 2011 12:51 pm

Dear Diary,
The search for something better to call you continues. Thus far no success. Today I was told that I get to lead one of the most random groups of people I have ever met to McNad's so they could get the code for Toriid's fortress and stop him from destroying the whole world by going back in time through a portal to the moment of the Big Disaster. Should be an interesting journey since I was informed that the group took out four porkers and ten badders and were holding their own, kind of, against an orlen, all while completely naked and weaponless. They've got balls, well some of them, and let me tell you, I saw which ones did since did I mention they were naked? I guess they also managed to trip a trap (ok that just sounds funny) that caused an acid cloud to appear in the northern valley that Remiik says will take days, if not weeks, to clear so we're not going to be able to go that way. Instead we'll be heading south through the forest which I guess is better anyway since Toriid will never think to look for us going through the forest that almost killed him and no one is stupid enough to try to go through except us because we have to in order to get to McNad's now that the acid cloud is blocking the northern valley. Hopefully we don't see too much red in the forest and we might actually make it to the other side instead of dying horrible deaths like everyone else who is stupid enough to go through that horrible forest. I will say though that a few of the group are kind of cute, though the twins are a little annoying and I get the feeling that there is something odd about the two of them that may turn out of make this trip a little more interesting, as long as they don't wet themselves because I am so not changing diapers, well I don't think they are still wearing diapers, I hope not because I am not changing diapers, I'll just make the robot do it, since I don't think he eats so he won't lose his appetite unlike the rest of us, especially me. Anyway, Remiik says that they are to save the world because Toriid's people will know what we look like so we needed to hire some new people that they won't recognize in order for them to get close enough to get in the fortress and stop him from blowing up the world. I'll write again once I know more about this group and have figured out how I can get them naked again since I am always naked and know that it is so much better to be this way, don't you think? Good night for now Diary, I really need to think of a better name for you.

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Week 1: And so it begins - The naked party
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