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 Twin Blade Sword

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PostSubject: Twin Blade Sword   Mon Aug 15, 2011 12:28 pm

At first glance, this weapon appears to be an ornately fashioned shortsword. While in this form, the twin blade also acts just like a short sword in terms of damage and proficiency (for the purposes of weapon focus). However, as a move action the wielder can separate the sword into two thinblade swords. If the wielder makes a successful feint check when separating the swords, he may gain an additional attack with his off-hand at it's maximum attack bonus and does not invoke an attack of opportunity. Reattaching the swords requires a full round and does incur an attack of opportunity if within a threatened square.

Martial Light Melee
Critical 19-20/x2 - 18-20/x2
Range 5'
Damage 1d6 - 1d4
Weight 2 lb
Cost 200 gold
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Twin Blade Sword
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