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 Closer 6: Further Into the Dark

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PostSubject: Closer 6: Further Into the Dark   Tue Jul 26, 2011 12:15 am

They awoke in the darkness again. Light revealed that they were in a corridor covered in figure paintings along the walls. Their investigation of the doors hidden behind the plaster revealed hidden devises that, once Cailin bashed through the door with his mechanikal arm, threw spears at and around him. It was the priestesses turn to explore the third opening. Luckily for her, her encounter took her to an abandoned room full of skeletons and long-ago destroyed alchemical tools. The only semblance of a living creature were a brain and an eyeball floating within a couple of jars.

Another long crawl through a tunnel brought Autakalina to a dead end, while the other carried them back to the bottom of a spiked pit...of which Fenris had discovered when they first entered the chamber. At that moment of circumvention, they decided that their only choice in escape would be the archway at the end of the chamber of spheres. They lined up at the mist and, single-file, walked through the gate. They appeared in the dark together; however, through some magical divination, they had been relieved of any material possessions that had. After coming to the realization that they would be making the rest of their travel in the buff, they wandered back into the breach in search of their exit.

Their searching brought them back into the hidden alchemist's room, where Cailin's attempt to smash the brain's jar caused the others to protect it's rareness. They attacked him with the fury of an angered mother, bringing him to near death before ending their onslaught. Before abandoning him within the room, Fenris did him the favor of bringing him into consciousness just as they left. Left to his own devices, Cailin wandered about the corridor until he decided to traverse the tunnel that had previously ended abruptly. His eyes and skills found a small latch that caused the opening to pop and reveal a hidden church.

The walls covered in scenes of corpses as the gods watched over irrelevantly, he wandered around until he became bored. He met back up with the others and decided to share his find. They made their way into the sanctum, which included rows of pews, a glowing alter, and another mist-covered archway. With no other exits, the ended up leading to a small room which the dwarf and elf first investigated. Fenris entered as they came back out and found himself to be a true mother to the pack!

Once more, their curiosity uncovered a cloud of poison that dropped Autakalina to the ground, drawing all of the strength from her muscles. A previously overlooked carving on the opposite wall drove Fenris to discover a hidden passage, uncovered by simply sliding a coin into the slotted wall. After a few stuck doors (followed up by canvas covered pits) they found themselves hampered by an enormous oaken door, reinforced by iron bars. The sounds of music and laughter led to a lack of caution on their part, as the druid sent his glowing orb to the other side and apparently scaring off the party. After ill-fated attempts to bend the wood to his will, Cailin decided for the group that they would rest, setting up a protective sphere in any attempt to ward off advances.
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Closer 6: Further Into the Dark
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