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 Session 10: Results of Intentions

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PostSubject: Session 10: Results of Intentions   Thu Nov 12, 2009 12:22 am

From the journal entries...

Dorian and Tallis get into a fight over the wizard and her new cube friend. Suddenly without warning the wizard and her dog appear again. Tallis is insisting the cube Gary be considered part of the group. While Ana was gone she saw a bunch of goblins moving into the woods. While we are working our way through the underbrush we notice a trap, but too late before skass becomes trapped in it. We begin chasing a sylvan creature. He eventually reasons with us and lets us know the way that the goblins are moving. He says that no more Thorns which is what he turns out to be will hinder our way to stopping the goblins. After we talk to the thorn Skass has been acting oddly toward Tallis and Gary. He has been friendly dorian and I suspect he has gone soft in the head. He has been asking to pet his back and touch his ear. Dorian and I are going over attack plans when we hear from the part of the clearing Tallis and Skass are from, it appears Skass has THROWN Gary away from Tallis, and has grappled her. We try and help him capture her, apparently the cube has had her under an enchantment. She escapes with her craft drow magic, and stabs Ana on the way out. It appears Ana tried to convince her that they were going to help Gary, and save him. We move deeper into the forest and then rest.
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Session 10: Results of Intentions
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