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 Ascudgamln (or Steel Fist)

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Ascudgamln (or Steel Fist) Empty
PostSubject: Ascudgamln (or Steel Fist)   Ascudgamln (or Steel Fist) EmptyFri Jun 17, 2011 12:27 pm

Ascudgamln (Fists of Steel in dwarvish) are weapons made originally by the dwarves. They are metal studs attached to the knuckles of the bearer's hand, causing their unarmed strikes to deal lethal rather than nonlethal damage. In order to obtain a set of Ascudgamln, the user must first be put into an unconscious state while small holes are drilled into the knuckles and the studs are inserted. The procedure takes 1-2 hours and the patient requires a full rest, or else awaken with 0 hit points.

Ascudgamln cannot be disarmed and they give the user a +4 on attempts to Sunder an opponent's weapon. However, they suffer a -4 to all Climb, Use Rope, and other checks that require dexterity of the hands due to the stiffness the metal inserts cause.

Exotic Light Melee
Critical 20/x2
Range 5'
Damage 1d6
Weight 2 lb
Cost 550 gold (Includes necessary procedure costs)
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Ascudgamln (or Steel Fist)
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